tooth extraction process

The idea of having an adult tooth pulled can be extremely intimidating. Regardless of the cause, it is a procedure that is needed more often than people think. Whether caused by injury, periodontal disease, or tooth decay, extracting a tooth is a necessary procedure. Neglecting to do so can yield far worse results. If you are experiencing these symptoms, we highly recommend scheduling a visit with us or your dentist immediately to discuss the next steps and if a tooth extraction is needed.

Signs You May Need A Tooth Extraction

  • Loose Teeth- You may notice one of your adult teeth is loose. Should you experience this, we recommend contacting us or your dentist immediately. Our doctors at Summit Oral Surgery can provide a full examination. If your tooth or tooth roots are too damaged for repair, we may recommend extraction to stave off further problems. 
  • Bad Breath- One of the most common reasons people end up at our office is because they are experiencing bad breath that does not go away despite rigorous brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Sometimes it can signal a dead tooth, in which case an extraction should be performed immediately. 
  • Bleeding and Sensitivity- This is especially common in the back of the mouth and can be caused from gingivitis or tooth decay. Bleeding gums are a sign of oral hygiene issues. If you are taking better care of your teeth and still experience this, we recommend visiting a doctor immediately. 
  • Swelling- Swollen gums are another sign of needing a tooth extraction. If your gums feel like they are bigger than normal and hurting, they are likely swollen. This can come from untreated gingivitis or nutrient deficiencies, and even infections.  
  • Pain in Jaw, Mouth, and Neck- Pain in the jaw, mouth, and neck can be debilitating. This makes every single task more difficult. This can be another sign of infection, or possibly the result of your teeth becoming misaligned. If you never had your wisdom teeth pulled and are experiencing jaw, mouth, and neck pain, a tooth extraction may be needed. 
  • Headaches- Headaches that seem to originate from the mouth are another sign of an infection. The nerves in your mouth are sending signals to the rest of your body that something is not right, and your head is the first to know. Before things get worse, we recommend contacting your dentist or doctor immediately. 
  • Fractured Teeth- This may seem obvious, but a chipped or fractured tooth can affect more than your appearance. Damaged teeth are highly prone to infection and can lead to far worse problems. If this happens to you, visit a professional immediately for further consultation. 

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