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Bar Attachment Dentures

When it comes to full-mouth tooth replacement, the bar attachment denture has transformed how a missing set of teeth is treated. Traditional dentures can bring about a number of issues for the wearer, from general inconvenience to discomfort. These dentures are unsecured and limiting, often restricting what foods the wearer can eat and slipping during day-to-day activities. The bar attachment denture offers not only renewed confidence, but renewed functionality.

Replacing your missing teeth with an implant-supported dental bridge, bar attachment dentures are held in place by only four implants. This allows for treatment time– and cost– to be minimized, while still maintaining a strong and stable presence in the jawbone.

Oftentimes temporary replacement teeth can be placed on the same day as implant surgery, allowing the patient to go about their daily life during the healing period. Once the final bridge is placed, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods – and leave the difficulties of traditional dentures long in the past.


The Benefits of the Bar Attachment Denture

  • Reduced treatment and healing duration: Immediately following implant placement, a replacement arch can be attached.
  • Jawbone health and bone grafting: Because of the stability of the implants, the strength and shape of the jawbone can be maintained, mitigating the need for any bone-grafting procedures as a result of the missing teeth.
  • Scientific rigor: The advantages of the bar attachment method are well-supported by clinical studies.
  • Affordability: With only four implants needed for each set of missing teeth, the bar attachment denture is a cost-effective long-term option.

To learn more about your candidacy for a bar attachment denture, contact us today. In the case of missing teeth, occasionally bone grafting procedures may be necessary– click here to learn more.